Friday, October 29, 2010

SkyRiver/OCLC suit moved to Ohio court

The judge in San Francisco's Ninth Circuit court has agreed to OCLC's request to transfer the proceedings in the SkyRiver/OCLC suit to the Southern District Court of Ohio. In an impressively thoughtful 10 page document, the judge weighs the various arguments by the parties relating to the request to transfer. In the end, the decision was based on two things:
  1. A majority of the potential witnesses that are neither SkyRiver nor OCLC employees (e.g. libraries that can give evidence) are closer to Ohio than to California.
  2. In terms of documentation as evidence, most of this documentation will need to come out of OCLC's file cabinets, since the suit refers to OCLC business practices over a significant period of time.
I was hoping to be able to sit in on some of the action in the San Francisco court, although more experienced folks have told me that it could be deadly dull. Now we need to find possible bloggers in the Ohio area to cover this. Any volunteers?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer to the decision. Odds are it will come to the eastern division of the southern district of Ohio, which happens to be located in downtown Columbus. Odds are not good that I'd be able to take time off work to watch the proceedings...

worldsgreatestlibrarian said...

I've got extra time on my hands since being downsized by OCLC in July. But then so do about 70 other OCLC staff who were let go this year. Better keep my days free for all those forthcoming job interviews. :) I miss the paycheck, not the stress of trying to convince catalogers why Connexion Browser is worth a look