Monday, September 29, 2008


I recently attended the annual Dublin Core conference in Berlin. I would have blogged the sessions but in fact I spent most of my time in the hallways chatting with folks. The main message of the conference was: Semantic Web. This included an interesting talk by Martin Malmsten on turning MARC records into RDF triples. (See also the work at Talis in this area.)

For me the big deal of the conference was a meeting with some of the Dublin Core folks who developed the DC Abstract Model and the DC Application Profile model. We had a nice long talk about the distance between those views and the actual production of library metadata. What we concluded was that we will work together to bridge this gap, in part by creating simple, re-usable modules that are easy to understand and that, when hooked together, provide the information necessary to engineer a fully functioning, DCAM-compliant application profile.

Yes, I know we need more of an explanation, and I'll be working on that very soon. Don't go too far away.

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