Friday, March 30, 2007

Podcast on Libraries and Standards

I was interviewed by Scott Mace for his Open Source Conversations podcast. Although the title says "Libraries and standards" in fact we ranged all over a number of subjects: DRM, restrictions on the use of Google Books content, Library 2.0 (although it's never called that, but we talk about web services and taking the library to the user's work space), and the future of NISO and library standards.

As is always the case in this kind of interview, listening to it afterward I cringe to hear things that I got wrong, or where I mis-spoke. If you've gone through the interview process you know how hard it is to be both spontaneous and correct. Feel free to point out errors -- this can be the errata page.


Diane Hillmann said...

Karen, I think you're much too hard on yourself. I don't know ANYONE else who could speak intelligently and coherently on the range of topics you addressed in that podcast. Thanks for making us all look good!

P.S. Where did they get that awful photo? It looks like you're under the lights at Guantanamo ...

Anonymous said...

I thought the podcast was pretty good. I also thought you may find my recent mashup of Google Print and the SF Peninsula Library System's book lookup to be interesting. It's a Greasemonkey script.

Incase you didn't already have Greasemonkey installed on your Firefox browser, you can download that here

Al N

Karen Coyle said...

Al, This is great, and I really would like to see more public libraries doing this kind of thing. I think it gives them a link to their communities and makes them much more visible.